An XXXTreme XXXperience

Seizing an opportunity in response to daily inquiries, Brent Ray Fraser has created his own unique series of Performance Art Fitness Videos.

  • A Worthwhile Workout

    Incorporating his professionally certified personal training skills with sexy masculine swagger, Brent infuses each workout with  intensity, drive and a dash of merriment.

  • Naked Ambition

    Whether he’s naked or fully  clothed, in the gym, or in the middle of the wilderness, watching him work out is mesmerizing, and informative.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Easily adapted to real life,  the hard part will be deciding if you want to be a participant or a  voyeur. Either way, you’ll be hot, sweaty, and satisfied with the  results!

Officer Hardonski Workout

Laying Down the Law
As  a young boy, Brent Ray Fraser idolized the manly superheroes of the  early 1980’s, from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Rambo, He-Man to Hulk Hogan.  They embody the quintessential male architype; the ideal physique,  charismatic machismo, and a strong sense of justice.
Performance Police Officer

Drawing on these  ideals, Brent has created Officer Hardonski, a fully realized character  whose kick-ass style and solid sense of self allows him to work out full  throttle. In this unique series of carefully orchestrated, but  unscripted art performance workout videos, Officer Hardonski shows us  just what it takes to be the best on the beat! 

White Trash Workout

Truly Tantalizing Trashiness
White  Trash Workouts are enthusiastic, educational, entertaining art  performance workout videos conceptualized by Brent Ray Fraser. Staged in  a workshop using parts found in most garages and a shitload of duct  tape, he looks like one of iconic photographer Herb Ritts Bodyshop Series photographs  come to life.
Test Your Strength

Paying homage to the video workout greats, Brent brings  his audacious signature style to each performance. Channeling the tough  manliness of Chuck Norris, the manic energy of Billy Blanks, and  combining that with the humorous motivation of Richard Simmons, and the  intensity of Lou Ferrigno, you will be instantly hooked! Just be warned:  these workouts ain’t for pussies! 

Canadian Lumberjacked Workouts

Get Ready To Get All Jacked Up!
Lumberjacks are a fundamentally iconic part of Canadian history, having built the foundations of this great nation. Echoing  the gritty determination, and tenacity of these extraordinary men,  Brent Ray Fraser bares himself to the elements as a legendary  Lumberjack.
Force of Nature

Hauling logs like Schwarzenegger in the classic movie Commando,  he works out using barbells and dumbbells, sawn and hewed from the very woods around him. Whether choking his tool, or pumping wood in this  unconventional, yet highly entertaining series of workout performance videos, BRF takes full advantage of Mother Nature’s bounty, and leaves us revved up and LUMBERJACKED!
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