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With exclusive videos, and content available to members only (some even deemed too taboo for regular social media) you can’t help but feel a bit like “Alice in Wonderland” exploring down the rabbit hole!

In addition to all that, you’ll also be privy to *Special Members Only Discounts and Promotions! So whether you try it for a month, or the entire year, your membership will have you smiling as wide as the Cheshire Cat!!

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Rockstar – 1 month

Are you a fan, follower, or admirer of Brent Ray Fraser’s art, whose tastes lean a bit more to the kinky side? Do you want to experience the thrilling, naughty, behind-the scenes access to the world of art BRF continues to create daily without the full commitment?

That is the beauty of the “Rockstar” membership; it gives you all-access privileges to explore, experience, and get to know Brent Ray Fraser in all his uncensored glory for an entire month!

If you find you just can’t get enough, then you are well on your way to becoming a Superstar, Diva, or best of all….Legendary!

Superstar – 3 months

You’ve been on your share of tours through the art world of Brent Ray Fraser and know that this is where you belong!

You deserve to have a full 3-months to immerse yourself completely, because being a “Superstar” member gives you exclusive access to all of the dramatic, eye-popping, totally uncensored art that makes Brent a legend! Come join the ranks of fellow BRF “Superstars” and venture deeper down the rabbit hole than you ever thought possible.

Diva – 6 months

As an avid admirer of the art of Brent Ray Fraser, and one who knows what they want, you will settle for nothing less than the best. If you are willing to commit to reveling in the hedonistic art world BRF has created for his members, but 6 months is your limit, then the “Diva” Membership is exactly what you need.

Treat yourself to this decadent, exclusive membership, and luxuriate in the pleasure only Members can experience uninhibited, and uncensored with Brent Ray Fraser.

Legendary – 12 months

Are you the one who likes to live life without boundaries? A glutton for pleasure, the one who wants to experience it all? Every last beautiful, dirty, gritty, sexy ounce of the wonder that is the art of Brent Ray Fraser? Then you deserve to become one of the select few…a “Legendary” Member!

Not only do you get access to the entire BRF Member site, you can enjoy Brent Ray Fraser in all his uninhibited, uncensored, artistic glory for an entire year! That is 12 whole months of wildly hot art pleasure, at a “Legendary” price! Join now and see what it is like to live life as a Legend!

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