Get Your Sugar Fix At BRF’s Sugar Shack

Rapidly outgrowing his current work space, opportunity came knocking for Brent Ray Fraser in early 2015. A passing conversation with his landlord turned into an offer to take over a much larger space on the Langley, B.C. property steps away from “The Silo Studio”. When Brent asked what the space was called, the landlord casually replied “The Sugar Shack” and to Brent the name was as perfect as the space itself.

Traditionally, a sugar shack is a place where fresh sap is brought, boiled down then refined into a thick golden-finish maple syrup. Like the alchemy of turning raw sap into maple syrup, Brent takes his ideas, conceptualizes them, and manifests them into beautiful works of art inside the walls of “The Sugar Shack”. In this new private studio, tucked away from the world, he will be focusing solely on live webcam performances and painting. He is overjoyed with the creative freedom to be unlimited, or inhibited by space restrictions. The world of BRF is looking pretty sweet!