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“So often labelled provocative or even pornographic, the sexually-expressive sensuality in the artwork of multimedia artist Brent Ray Fraser is actually more akin to art from two millennia ago as well as a hit parade of high profile modern artists who have pushed the envelope about what is art.” – Barry Dumka

Salacious Histories

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History of Pornography

“All art is erotic.”
– Gustav Klimt

The history of pornography as a word is the perfect place to start reconsidering what Fraser is so suggestively up to.

Audacious Origins

The term’s first general definition is a meeting place of sex, creativity, liberation and – perhaps inevitably – censorship and restrictions. It all makes for a delicious cock tale.

A Dirty Word

Pornography entered the English dictionary in 1857 at the height of the morally-righteous Victorian era. It was a power grab for societal control done by regulating virtue and defining all interpretations of sexualized imagery as vile.

The word itself was coined to refer to the painted frescoes found in pre-Christianity Pompeii that had been recently excavated – Webster’s specifically defined pornography as “ancient obscene painting, especially in temples of Bacchus”.

Depraved Discoveries

Throughout history there have been many strange and unusual discoveries regarding ancient artifacts and other significant cultural relics. One of the most infamous excavations was that of Pompeii – the Ancient Roman city that was wiped out during the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.

Risqué Romans

In an early excavation of ancient Pompeii archaeologists discovered sexualized art that was not just limited to orgy dens and brothels – it was everywhere. The whole town was tarted up with images of sex and phallic objects, most of it out in the open and a regular feature of daily life. Sexualised and phallic imagery adorned oil lamps, candle holders, tavern signs, street markers and covered the living room walls of many homes as lush frescoes meant to celebrate the joy of sex.

Refined Taste

Discovering all these titillating treasures, the Victorians were aghast and ashamed and had all the material locked away in a secret chamber only available to aristocratic gentleman of discerning taste. Sexy and sexualised art has been trying to get out from under this dirty black Victorian cloak of denial ever since. But any work that is perceived as provocative gets whacked by censorship and viewed as suspect. Still, artists of all types recognise that sex, like art, is a human impulse and deserves creative interpretation.


“Sex and art are the same things.”
– Pablo Picasso

The last 150 years has been a wild romp of delectably delicious and decadently depraved works of art.

Artisitc Inclinations

From Courbet’s 1866 tightly-cropped painting of a vagina (which didn’t go on public display until 1988) to Jeff Koons’s 1989 Made in Heaven series that involved him and his Italian porn star wife in explicit sexual acts and included such titles as Dirty Ejaculation and Ilona’s Asshole (which made its debut at the 1990 Venice Biennale – proving that the masses finally could be trusted as long as they were rich and chic).

Titillating Trends

If you consider Klimt’s lusciously naked late 19th century ladies, Picasso’s 75 years of rapturously erotic drawings, Warhol’s hot body shots for his Sex Parts series in the late-70s (which he casually referred to as his Cocks, Cunts and Balls series) to the 2014 installation in Paris of American artist’s Paul McCarthy’s 79-foot tall Tree sculpture which looks to all the world like one big butt plug, you can appreciate that art has long known how to toy and tease and trumpet sex and sexuality.

Prudish Censorship

While times and tastes are always subject to change, the majority of Western sensibilities are still heavily grounded in their puritanical roots. Despite a history of prim and proper societal pressures, there have always been those who seek to stir up and shake loose those old-fashioned notions.

Prude vs. Lewd

It seems every time some artist flashes a nipple or paints a penis (or even paints with a penis as Renoir was said to have done), there is shock and outrage and some button-down critic calls it porn or – perhaps worse – shallow and boring. For a society that got here through sex, we seem to want to avoid its creative celebration.

And that’s what Brent Ray Fraser is offering – a carnival parade of sensuality and a libidinous celebration of the expressive potential of a life and body fully committed to art.

Cock of the Walk

He’s definitely a cockyboy of creativity. In his sensual singularity, Fraser could be seen as the embodiment of ancient Pompeii’s sexually creative spirit – a happy argument for the joy of letting it all hang out.

No doubt his penis monotypes would have found favour with those ancient toga-wearing townsfolk. But the work is double-edged – pornstar vainglorious on one side as well as a minimalist Rorschach blot of ambiguity. It’s up to the viewer to determine what they want to see.

Art + Porn

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Brent’s Wares

“Sex is more exciting on the screen and between the pages than between the sheets.”
– Andy Warhol

Brent’s wide variety of artworks delve into a plethora of sexual themes and motifs all with their own scintillating, saucy secrets to reveal.

Sexy + Scenic

As with other series that he’s done, Fraser – like Koons and McCarthy – has a cunning ability to appeal to base instincts to pull us into a bigger conversation. In his Art History Marks series, he is sexing up his artistic heroes and fucking with the concept of appropriation. And his Apothecary series of charmingly antiquarian pill bottles (filled with personal effects) could be a teasing tribute to Damien Hirst’s famed Pharmacy series. We live in an age when pills and fetishes, easy fixes and self-love, are proudly on display. Fraser obviously wants to be part of this conceptual conversation and puts his whole body in the middle of the debate of what constitutes art.

Vivacious Videos

Fraser’s extensive library of licentious videos is a whole other candy shop of tasty treats. But let’s talk facts before fantasy. The internet is a nudist colony and a massive hot tub party of amateur sex videos.

By one count there are 2.5 million adult websites and 3% of the billions of people using the Internet go to a live webcam sex site monthly.

Body Works

With his goldenboy physique and other ample offerings, Fraser – like Warhol in the 60s – recreates himself as a persona (though less detached and definitely less pasty than the persona Warhol spun out for public view).

Sexxx Films

Fraser’s movies are a rough-cut riot of bizarre visual and orgasmic energy – they riff on everything from Warhol’s Factory sex films to psychedelically weird flicks like Donnie Darko. While different in tone and concept from the controversial (but critically influential) videos of the feminist performance artist Karen Finley. Fraser’s films feel equally experimental in their use of sexual imagery, challenging the reserved notions of more prudish critics.

Having a Ball

Like so much of Fraser’s work, the videos are gloriously graphic and deliciously fun. With his scandalously sexy and super persona, Brent Ray Fraser is having a ball in more ways than one. Celebrate art, mind and body without any reservations – Free your mind and the rest will follow.