“Pure colour is always captivating. It appeals to us on a subconscious and emotional level. In my Nutsack Painting series, I wanted to give a sensual edge to that basic impulse. My grids of coloured dots bloom with sexuality like a garden of carnal knowledge. The more you know how I make them, the more you see their full beauty.” – Brent Ray Fraser

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Nutsack Paintings

In a ballsy homage to Damien Hirst’s Dot Paintings, BRF celebrates the complex simplicity of Hirst’s paintings using his own balls to create joyful, bold delights.

These brightly coloured works of contemporary pop art are given a cheeky twist with Brent Ray Fraser leaving his own personal touch to each piece.

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Getting To The Point

The simple dot has played an important role in modern art. The Pointillism of the 19th century Impressionist painter George Seurat revolutionised the way we see art revealing imagery through a precise array of pure unmixed colours (a technique that would be mimicked by ink jet printers a century later). In the 1960s, dots popped up in all sorts of art pieces. Jasper John’s Target paintings made them into rings of concentric circles. Then Lichtenstein’s paintings based on comic book imagery elevated the Ben-Day dot to super cool status. More recently, Damien Hirst (or his many studio assistants) has made over a thousand of his precise, orderly Spots which feel devoid of emotion. Now Brent Ray Fraser has come along to make the dot hot again.

Honing In On Hirst

In his series Nutsack Paintings, Fraser is once again teasing art history and making Hirst’s orderly grids of coloured circles into a fun playground for his own creatively sexual energy. Fraser generously ‘tea bags’ the center of each coloured dot by dipping his nutsack into paint and carefully splotching a personal insignia onto the canvas – the abstracted markings liberate the pent-up energy in all these colours and give Fraser’s work a funky, sensual vibe. With their riff of testosterone, the canvases become a peacock performance of male sexuality and creative independence. An artistic memento of the testicular power at the base of masculinity – smart, sly and gorgeous.