Beats by Brent

Recording and preserving our existence on earth has been a driving force since the dawn of man. From ancient cave drawings and pottery, sculptures to paintings, what survives is the art of each civilization.

Through these artifacts, the history of human sexuality, and the art of sex is revealed to us, showing the direct connection between our primal urges and our desire to create.

Official Commercial

Penile Process

Brent Ray Fraser is leaving a permanent record through his art by embracing his own drive to create, and share his passion for the art of all things sexual. His live painting performances impress upon us the raw, powerful beauty contained within the erect human penis. In a delicate balance of pain and pleasure, he quite literally beats off, and each imprint of his fully hardened penis on the canvas is done with deliberate purpose, layered repeatedly into a collective, until the penis no longer stands alone. With a dramatic final flourish he splatters his cum across the painting, marking his work in the most primal way. Instant, and permanent, his penis is immortalized, forever part of human history.