Action + Icon

Icons are born out of creativity. An idea crafted, then brought to life through practice and focused determination.  Norma Jean Baker gave us Marilyn Monroe and she in turn inspired another icon: Andy Warhol, who immortalized her forever in his work.

Like these two iconic powerhouses, Brent Ray Fraser conceptualized his latest series of limited edition “Action Figure Statues”, then manipulated the latest form of technology into a fully realized “Action Figure” of himself, and his larger-than-life iconic art performance characters.  By combining the classic elements of an action figure toy, Brent Ray Fraser continues to burn a blazing trail of ingenuity through the art world.

Only 10 limited edition statues are produced for each action figurine size!!!

Standard Sizes

5 Inch Figurine

6 Inch Figurine

8 Inch Figurine

1/16 Scale


1/12 Scale


1/9 Scale


10 Inch Figurine

12 Inch Figurine

14 Inch Figurine

1/7 Scale


1/6 Scale


1/5 Scale


Display Case Personalized Plaque
Glass Dome with Wood Base Custom engraving
$78.00 $70.00

* These figurines are VERY fragile and NOT meant to be played with. Display only!


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