I describe myself as “art sexual”. It’s an ethos as much as a label.

My commitment to my art is total and a way to make public an expressively intimate part of myself. This is a new world and new way to connect intimately with people – to interact and involve myself with an audience so that my artistic creations can become a more engaging shared experience. Let’s make magic happen together.

– Brent Ray Fraser

  • Early Influence

    Throughout my life I grew up happily finger-painting, and the habit never really left me. Why would anyone want to limit their interaction with art and art-making – creativity flows from every pore and part of myself and I just get carried along by its raw and fluid energy.

  • The Ways of Paint

    I love the smell of paint, the way it oozes through my hands and gets all over my body. I like when my art-making is a completely immersive experience and I come away from it feeling both drained and revived.

  • Evoking Elation

    Ecstasy comes not from the completion of a piece but the journey in its creation. With all my art, I want to inspire that good energy.

  • Down the Rabbit Hole

    I have lots of supporters who find me just through the Internet and I think of it as a rabbit hole open to many adventures. And like the rabbit hole that Alice went down into her own Wonderland, things keep getting “curiouser and curiouser”.

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What Others Say About BRF

Scott K.

“Brent’s approach to Art, Sex and Fitness give an entirely new meaning to the word PASSION. His perception altering art, cum spewing art porn and sizzling naked workout sessions provide extraordinary talent that will leave you speechless!”

“Brent’s commitment to family, charity fund-raising and compassion for diverse cultures is awe inspiring”.

Jonias & Jen

“My wife’s sex-drive has definitely increased after watching your webcam show. Yes, I’m a bit jealous, but I’ll certainly set her up with some credits so she can support your love of art”.

Dennis C.

“You have inspired me to try and lead a more sexually shameless life. Thank you for being such an awesome force in this world!!”


“Whether he’s using a brush to paint or his penis, his work is extraordinary. Its a pleasure being able to watch his art come to life. Brent and his art are a gift for the eyes, mind, body and soul”.

Scott G.

“I love how you rip your clothes off to raise money for ailing friends and charitable causes. Bravo Brent!”.


“From collecting brassier’s for breast cancer awareness for his powerful performance art to disco-dick roller skating to support the LGBTQ community have made you nothing short of a hero. Thank you Brent!”

Brian Edwards

“I’ll treasure my BRF original artwork forever! It will become increasingly symbolic and therefore relevant of a tipping point in our lives and greater society. It’s like a time capsule”.

Jim Phipps

“I’m sure that words like skillful, enthusiastic, innovative and breathtaking have been used to describe you. Your erotic presence and methods of creation are nothing short of stunning. If any man should be walking around naked and using his dick to paint, it’s you”.

Cobalt King

“My reaction to you work is a mixture of curiosity, surprise, affection and mesmerization. I love how you make your body as much a tool of your art as it is the art itself. Thank you for sharing it with us!”

Jeremy Sung

“The more I investigate your website, the more I’m impressed you took time to visit with me through email. Plus, the more important you are becoming in my imagination and understanding of what a real man should become”.

Brian M.

“I’m affected emotionally when I see how free you are with your audience which is unusual in this day and age”.

Brian Morison

“When I see your use of different mediums and textures together it reaches me. It’s as if you become one with your work. Thanks for being transparent and courageous with your artist expression”.

Alex C.

“Your videos are amazing and I really like the artistic talent that you put into each one, its just not paint on a canvas”.

Gary Dunham

“It was beautiful how you literally added a part of your being to the soul of the painting when you added your cum shot the face of Christ”.

Jeremy Lee

“Your art reminds us that our external presence is only a sliver of our impact on this world. You remind us that being a man is so much more than what the world sees. Thank you for giving me pause to think.”

Paul F.

“Yourself being “a recent discovery” has definitely made my creative side perk up! Just saw the “Jesus Jerk Off” performance. Brilliant! I find you intriguing and it’s refreshing to see your approach”.

Steven B.

“Don’t even stop being awesome and hot…You’re my top sexiest artist in the world”.

Angela H.

“In the chaotic ether of the Internet I managed to come across your provocative, naughty, intelligent and spontaneously creative art. I’ll be sure to support forever!”

Bruce S.

“I love your seeming appreciation for the outdoors rustic lifestyle as well as your fitness & body and sense of fun incidentally. A man after my own heart. Keep it up!!! P.S. keep up the naked hiking”.

Dee Dee Francine

“You are an enchantment, a living work of art producing art…very rare combination, Mr. Fraser. I applaud you”.


There’s a good heart wrapped around all that muscle. Brent brings so much to the lives of the people around him. Through his art and kindness he gives off such good vibes and positive energy. You make me wanna keep improving myself”.

Angela H.

“You sir, are a breathe of fresh air. You bring such perspective, not only in art, but in life. You express so much love, passion and compassion and it’s only what us maybe labelled as “normal folk” aspire to be”.


I’m amazed at your artistic output, charitable deeds, and performance art. You are ‘Art’ in every meaning of the word. I can’t wait to see the new website and reality show.

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